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Cats Made of Rabbits is the brand new Stand-Up Comedy release from Keith Lowell Jensen. Jensen is the renowned "Atheist Comedian" and he returns to his hometown, sells out his favorite independently owned comedy club and spews utterly sincere filth for over an hour. Watch it on Sunday morning. It's almost as funny as church but without the terrible music and constant begging for money. Jensen gives you the best or at least the most obscenity laden yet still scientific arguments to use against creationists, shares his dirtiest, most disturbing and most innocent childhood memories and manages throughout to keep his wretched blasphemy kind and full of love.

TRT: 75 minutes

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Tags: , Live, indie, keith lowell jensen, athiest comedian, stand up comedy, cats made of rabbits

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Jonathan Morken
Distributor - Producer

Keith Lowell Jensen

John Astobiza
Camera Operator

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